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Loyalty is broken.

Cash back redemptions chart showing Amazon and Starbucks being the most popular redemption channels
Cash back ≠ loyalty

Rewarding customers with generic cash back, which can be spent with competitors, is a missed opportunity for brands to drive return and repeat spend.

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Data is fragmented

Brands have siloed views into customer spend, limiting their ability to customize experiences and offers.

Loyalty programs have user drop-off
Loyalty requires lift

Opt-in loyalty programs introduce customer friction, limiting adoption and opportunities for data collection and personalization.

Traditional ad reach is shrinking

With the decline of cookies and 3rd party data, creating a value exchange with customers to access 1st party data is key to growing customer lifetime value.

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‍Brand Balances

Extending a merchant's 1st party loyalty platform into existing credit & debit card rewards programs; consumers passively earn rewards that are locked to that merchant.

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Fast launch

Speed up timelines and seamlessly customize to your brand.

Customizable rewards

Reward customers on conditions such as streaks, geo-location, minimum spend, and peer to-peer gifting.

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Rich insights

Make informed decisions with a complete picture of consumer spend.

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Frictionless earning

Create a magical experience by rewarding customers as they spend.

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Superior targeting

Target new and lapsed customers, while driving higher frequency spend with existing ones.

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Guaranteed spend

Offer better rewards when customers are guaranteed to return and spend.

Effortlessly integrate

Integrate via our API with optional use of our SDK.

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Percents puts top brands in banking applications

Issuers integrate with Percents and display merchant offers within their app interface.


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