Increase sales with stickier loyalty.

A no-lift, no-risk integration with credit & debit card rewards programs; branded cashback is redeemable only with your brand.

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Brand-Locked Rewards

Reward customers with your own branded currency, which cannot be spent with competitors.

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Advanced Customization

Equipped with superior insights & targeting capabilities, run campaigns based on conditions such as streaks, geo-location, time, minimum spend, and peer-to-peer gifting.

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Flywheel Spend

With rewards locked to your brand, drive future spend with every purchase and balance top-up.

Risk-Free Offers

Rest easy with our risk-free approach to rewards; if customers don’t return, you’ve spent nothing.

No integration required

Join our network of merchants with zero engineering lift.

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Your brand within banking applications

Issuers integrate with Percents and display your offers within their app interface.

Introducing Brand Balances

Consumers passively earn Brand Balance whenever they use their credit or debit card with you. Unlike traditional CLO or affiliate programs, these rewards never leave your ecosystem.

Hyper-efficient spend

Rewards are locked to your brand, resulting in hyper-efficient spend compared to cash back programs.

Guaranteed incrementality

Percents only makes money when a customer redeems your Brand Balance, resulting in guaranteed incrementality of marketing dollars.

Rich data insights

Extend insights you gain in 1st party programs to 3rd party environments, with enhanced data like new to file (NTF), AOV, frequency, uplift, engagement.

Superior targeting

Filter based on identity, behavioral, and purchase data, allowing for superior targeting capabilities and competitive conquesting.